Existential Woman VII

Existential Woman VII

Ashvin Harrison

This piece is a focus on emotional strength through mental health focuses- overcoming the pressures of existence. This is part of a series where I explore existence through the possibilities of my subject being alive at any place or point in time. I also examine the small degree of separation between all living creatures. My interests in existentialism help guide me in what it is to live and share both the light and dark sides of our existence- such is expressed through the contrasts of the charcoal on paper or canvas. I also want to help share the acceptance of nudity in mainstream media as a natural and beautiful celebration of existence. Our skin shows the unique and beautiful journey in our life and should be celebrated.

I have decided to use Roman numerals to name these pieces as I am inspired by ancient Rome and the depiction of femininity in art.

This art piece is simply huge! The paper has a few mild creases and mild bumps from the acrylics and artistic process. I became quite emotive with this piece.

  • Size: W 210.0 cm x H 150.0 cm
  • Medium: Mixed Media

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Existential Woman VII