Why should I rent?

Renting Artwork is easy and affordable

Finding your footing in the world of art collecting can be a daunting and difficult experience for a beginner. The initial barrier faced by many is how to commit to the first purchase. At ART LOFT, we provide the option of renting an artwork prior to buying it.

For yourself or your business

Do you have an office space or a restaurant that needs some character? Take your time and live with the piece of art. Decide how convicted you are about the work in the context of where it will be displayed. The best part is, you can always return the piece and replace it with another which you feel might be more suited to your space.

Rental rates are 4% of the artwork's purchase price, and you can keep the artwork for as short as three months and up to 12 months and decide, when you are ready, whether or not to commit to a purchase.

Samples of our art selection in spaces:

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

The Woods

The Minton

Helping the community

Art rental provides emerging artists with recurring income support. So in addition to building your confidence in transacting art online, by renting art you're helping the Asian artists to continue doing and growing in what they love.

Rental is currently only available in Singapore for art pieces that are already in Singapore. Shipping cost is not included. Shipping is US$ 40 per art piece. Installation service is available at US$ 20 per art piece.

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