Tastemaker Series: Mark Wee

Who is Mark Wee?

Mark Wee leads the Experience Design studio at ONG&ONG, working with clients to establish its story and strategy for memorable experiences that emotionally engage its users and impacts culture. The practice has a collective expertise in architecture, interiors, branding, product, and film, framed by a design thinking approach centered on understanding human motivation and behavior. Mark has a passionate belief that design can be a currency for transformation, and should serve others to make life better, and not be simply for vanity and self-expression alone.

He loves jazz and the sea, lives in the east with his beautiful wife and daughter, and is also an artist preparing for his first solo exhibition at the end of the year.


Traveling, walking around in a city
People & life in general
Basically life & culture
My wife & daughter

What surprises you?

When I read the bible and it speaks to me about my situation

Little luxuries?

staying & eating in some nice places with my family on our travels.

Personal Motto:

“And you? Go about your business without fretting or worrying. Relax. When it’s all over, you will be on your feet to receive your reward.” (‭Daniel‬ ‭12‬:‭13‬ MSG)

What are you currently fascinated by?

The possibilities of what a smart city may look like for Singapore in making our lives better & nation stronger

A few general questions on art:

What is art?

A creative expression by a person with a point of view of the world

Your aesthetics?

For my art.
Childlike but not childish

For my architecture & design
A desire to create something with a sense of life & soul.

Given your background,
how important is art to an interior space?

Very much so. It brings a narrative layer to a space that materials and form alone cannot do. As art is about a message or story from the artist to the world. While though architecture or interior design can be too. It’s not always the priority by the designer, and it’s also bound by its limitations of expression through its form itself.

For an interior designer. Shaping a space without art is like being asked to create while having one hand tied to his or her back

Art can set the entire mood of the space. But the interior will give it its rightful setting for its enjoyment or intended consumption.

Your favourite ART LOFT pieces:

Anew by dawn yang

Fresh start. Beautiful line work and details. Which I appreciate in art.

Niseko by collective merry Harry

Sense of innocence. Childlike but not childish. Confidence in its simplicity and space for it to breath. Love the colors and medium.

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