Tastemaker Series: Elaine Kim

Who is Elaine Kim?

Elaine Kim is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and travel journalist.

She practises medicine in the field of palliative care, and currently works at HCA Hospice care, where she cares for terminally ill patients throughout Singapore in their homes.

She is a Partner of Trinity Bridal in Hong Kong and Trinity Gallery in Singapore, luxury retail boutiques that bring international designer bridal and evening gowns to Asia. The business carries exclusive distributorships of leading designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera and Jenny Packham.

In addition, Elaine is one of the co-founders of CRIB, a Singapore-based social enterprise that empowers women to become entrepreneurs, through its CRIB Society community and network, CRIB Match programme which matches co-founders, and through the CRIB Business Incubator which provides chosen start-ups access to mentorship, resources and funding. As a pilot project for CRIB, she co-founded and serves as a creative director for boutique event planning company Milk and Honey Event Design.

Elaine also freelances as a travel journalist, regularly contributing stories on luxury travel to magazines including Tatler, Robb Report, Prestige and Billionaire.

Actively involved in philanthrophic causes, she has led awareness-building and fund-raising initiatives for charities such as Bone Marrow Donor Programme, Dover Park Hospice, HCA Hospice Care and RiverKids, raising over a million dollars for causes that support patients with cancer, the terminally ill and protect at-risk children from trafficking and abuse. She is an ambassador for SNOW (Say “No” to the Oppression of Women”), a UN Women initiative that enables programmes which prevent violence against women.



My faith.

What surprises you?

My boys, (Kyan, three and a half) and Luke, two) keep on providing little surprises – things they say that surprise me with how much they pick up and learn, or small acts of kindness that surprise me coming from such little ones.

Little luxuries?


And my indulgence is staying in beautiful hotels, places with exceptional design or elegant heritage , that are unique luxury retreats or are located in remarkable settings – hotels that are destinations in themselves.


Personal Motto:

To be a blessing to others and make a positive impact on the world.

What are you currently fascinated by?

My children.

A few general questions on art:

What is art?

To the artist , it’s their thoughts, creativity, emotions and inspiration put down on a canvas. To the art-lover it is something, anything, that is beautiful or inspiring or evokes something inside them.

Your aesthetics?

In terms of fashion and interior design – elegant, modern yet timeless, Light, neutral, monochromatic palettes with occasional accents of color.

Given your background,
how important is art to an interior space?

I think it completes a space. The interior design often reflects the owner, and the art in the space does so even more. It makes a place more personal and individual.

Your favourite ART LOFT pieces:

I love pieces that evoke a feeling or nostalgia, and which I enjoy looking at. Sukeshi Sondhi’s LKY series are meaningful cos I had a lot of respect for LKY and I like the idea of him being recognised as a legendary icon and immortalised Andy Warhol-style.

I also love South Koreanartist RAMI’s tree photos, they’re just beautiful.

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