Style Your Home: Neon Bright Ideas

Welcome to the second series of lifestyle picks we have curated specially for you. This week, dare to be bold with electrifying neon as we shine a spotlight on these powerhouse works that will illuminate and brighten your space.

John Lai

John was inspired by the street art work seen all over world from the years of globetrotting. He transpired the street influence into his graffiti-stencil styled art work into digital form.

A self-taught artist that uses different medium to create art work installation, namely lego, dice, thread spool, wood. To date, he has done a few commissioned art work installations overseas.

Zhu Hai

Born in Chongqing, China, Zhu Hai graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with MA, and now teaches at SCFAI. He is currently working and living in Chongqing. He has participated in numerous exhibitions including “China: the Contemporary rebirth” (Palazzo Reale museum, Italy) in 2009, “Knocking on the door of the Chongqing” (Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China) in 2010 and “Be Conscious Of Yourself”, the experimental practices from the oil painting department of SCFAI (Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou, China) in 2013.

Wing Chan

A native of Hong Kong, Chan grew up near the Kowloon Walled City, one of the city-state’s roughest neighborhoods and home to the Kai Tak Airport.

Chan’s graphic design and artworks have appeared in publications worldwide, such as New York magazine, AIGA, Print magazine (USA), l’architecture d’aujourd’hui (France), City magazine (Hong Kong), pen magazine, World Corporate Profile Graphics, World Trademarks and Logotype (Japan) and art publications based in China, the United States, Japan, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, and Spain.

Tan Thieu

Tan Thieu was born in 1981, and is a self-taught artist. He paints mostly impressionist realism , portraiture and cityscapes. The subtleties of color and brushstrokes are both strong and vivid, making elements like the street lamps and neon signs in his works illuminate.

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