Style Your Home: Cuddle up for the Winter

It’s the magical time of the year, where the snow twinkles and carols play. But reality isn’t as kind with its freezing temperature and bruising winds nipping at your fingertips. If your area is prone to heavy snow, you will definitely be boxed in your own home. Stave off the stir-crazy by decking out your home that you won’t want to leave!

Winter wonderland

Less is more for this season, with keeping your overall colour palette neutral and soft. Use colours like gray, charcoal and white on your cushions and throws to make the room elegant and reminiscent of a snowy landscape. You could also include bursts of soft pastels like dusty pinks or chalky blues to create a warmer feel for the room.

Phan Linh Bao Hanh

ARTIST PHAN LINH BAO HANH (b. 1981 in Hue) graduated from Fine Art University Hue in 2007 and has assisted with many exhibitions at schools. She has many private collections in France, Singapore, Korea, Italy, USA, Swiss and Vietnam.

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Excite your senses

Introduce a winter scent! Christmas smells of warm spices like cinnamon, rosemary, star anise and many more. Make a bag of your favourite warm spices together and put it near the fireplace. The heat is sure to warm the spices and disperse the scent throughout the room. Using strong textures like velvet, faux fur or wool makes a room snug and cuddle-worthy. It’s both practical for the cold nights and eye-catching during the day. Don’t leave your walls bare – put up textured works helps make a room inviting during cold nights.

Nandita Mukand

In 2008, Nandita quit her corporate career of eight years with MNCs like Proctor and Gamble to devote herself fulltime to art making. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from the LASALLE College of the Arts and Goldsmiths, College of London in 2014. Upon graduation she was selected for the LASALLE Award for Academic Excellence. She was awarded an artist residency at the Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives in Bilpin, Australia as well as invited to exhibit at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Windsor, Australia. Most recently she was one of four artists selected internationally for a residency cum exhibition on the theme of nature and art at the Fundacio L’Olivar in Spain.

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Welcome the holidays into your home

’Tis the season to be shared with loved ones. The holiday season is often for celebrating with close friends and family, hosting house parties and making merry. Adding wall accents and artworks around the house that best suits this time of year serves a dual purpose- it is both a conversation starter and decorative . Use warm, shimmery works like gold that glows when you turn on your lights at night, and under the embers of candlelit rooms.

Minh Long

ARTIST MINH LONG (b. 1968 in Ho Chi Minh City) graduated from the Hue Fine Arts College in 1991. His works were chosen and has many private collections in Singapore, Hong Kong, and USA.

His Solo Exhibitions include Private Artist in Duc Minh Gallery held in 2001, and Solo Exhibition in Duc Minh Gallery held in 2004.

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