Furnishing Around Art: Affordable Studio Apartment Ideas – Bachelorette Pad

The bachelor pad, sometimes known as a man-cave, has long been hailed as the pride of young men all over the world. A coming of age abode, it is minimal, masculine and, let’s be honest, sometimes messy. That last part may be the reason ladies decided it was time for a place of their own!

When it comes to decorating your bachelorette pad, there’s no limit to how you can personalize it. Fill it with colours, feminine textures, smart furnishings and maybe even a few frivolous home decor accessories – build a place that tailors to your life, your tastes and most importantly, your comfort. Since it’s yours and yours alone, you have the luxury of creating a space that wholly reflects your personality. Whether it’s fun and flirty or classic and elegant, the right elements are waiting out there for your to bring home!

Read on for some tips on transforming your own place from drab to fab!

Pretty Accents

A simple way to bring in some color, warmth and personality to your new place is through decorative pillows, blankets and curtains. You can have several pillow covers to change out regularly to reflect the seasons or the colors you love at the time. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can purchase a neutral pillowcase and add on your own designs!

Mad for makeovers

Some women dream of closet organization, but having a vanity table is just as useful. Having all your makeup and accessories in one place makes getting dolled up decidedly easier!

A Positive Environment

Create an uplifting space with works of art that inspire. Choose phenomenal photos, pretty paintings and words of wisdom when you add art to your home. They’ll provide countless feel-good moments as you navigate through your busy life.

Bejeweled boxes

Girls are notorious for having “stuff”… from mementos and keepsakes to mountains of jewelry, and everything in between. It always helps to have a place to organize it all. Keep clutter to a minimum with stylish storage solutions like these.

Flora and Fauna

Bringing a bit of nature indoors is always a smart move. Plants create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. They also help to purify the air around you. Even if you don’t have “green fingers,” there are various types of plants that require minimal maintenance. Google “easy growing plants” or visit your local Home Depot’s Garden department for help.

The Versatility of Baskets

Baskets are amazing – They’re inexpensive, attractive, and easy to find. Use them for storage: to hold pet toys, towels, flavored teas, or as decorative art pieces placed strategically on walls. Mix and match different colors, sizes and weave patterns for maximum effect.

With all that said, I picked out a few pieces of furniture or furnishing, with varying ratios of cost versus aesthetics, as examples of the tips provided.


  1. Artworks by Wulang Sunu, USD470
  2. HomCom Modern White Dressing Vanity Table w/ Flip Mirror, Amazon, USD290
  3. Sunset boulevard rug, CB2, USD300
  4. Besta TV unit, Ikea, USD80
  5. Assorted pillows, CB2, USD20-30 each
  6. 3-piece amigos vase set, CB2, USD22
  7. Knipsa Basket, Ikea, USD15
  8. Emily Splitback Futon & Chaise Lounger, Amazon, USD410
  9. Kallax Shelving uni, Ikea, USD35
  10. Vittsjo Nesting tables, Ikea, USD60

We wouldn’t end off the day without giving you some images of small studio spaces with a feminine touch to give you some inspiration!

Source: Welke.nl

Source: Welke.nl

Source: Glamour.com

Source: Glamour.com

Source: Homester

Source: Homester

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