Furnishing Around Art: Simple Entertainment Room Part 1

“Game room design can be outlandish without being tasteless, and that’s pretty freeing.”


What are Entertainment rooms

Most people would agree that an Entertainment room is an essential element of a contemporary residence.

Entertainment rooms, sometimes also known as recreation rooms or games rooms, are spaces that are normally centered around various forms of entertainment and commonly used as a social gathering space. Most commonly, an Entertainment room revolves around an audio/video setup such as a projection screen with a surround sound system, or something as simple as a television. This time we will focus more on the social aspect of the entertainment room. Fret not, we’ll look to provide some tips for your media center in the future!

Tabletop games are frequently found in entertainment rooms. In addition to games played on a normal table, these rooms might sometimes include customized game tables for Table Tennis (ping pong), Table Football, Pinball, or Billiards (Pool). Other types of games can also include Dart boards and Arcade games.

Entertainment rooms can exist as a separate room, or be integrated with the living room, or an under-utilized dining room.


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Importance of Entertainment rooms

Entertainment has become the pivot of modern life. All of us toil for a good living, which again is a synonym for entertainment. The history of entertainment is very elaborate, and the digital world has pocketed a lion’s share of today’s entertainment sector.

In designing this space, it should reflect both functionality and design. Since it is the room where you would spend most time with your friends and guests, here are some simple tips that would be useful for Entertainment room design:


  • The seating should be simple and classy. Sometimes, classic carpet and floor matching colours does the trick. Couches, pub tables/chairs, bar stools, and recliners may all be used in recreation rooms.
  • Paintings, images, books and soft music have proven to create a good setting with a cozy environment.
  • The room should not look congested and have optimal air flow. Supply the room with shelves that can allow you to declutter and keep everything organized.
  • Your Entertainment room can be the soapbox you need to announce your affiliations to the world. Buy sports fabrics for the curtains and furnishings. Collect and display hats (pins, pens, posters and memorabilia) and turn it into a shrine of your favourite sports teams.
  • Consider putting in acoustic tiles or sound-dampening wall panels if you decide to party it up one weekend without waking the entire house.
  • Install lights that you can dim to create different moods.
  • Look for flexible styling. Convertible gaming tables that include a number of popular games in one, like folding or collapsible furnishings, are examples of accessories that can do double-duty or store easily.

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