Furnishing Around Art: Kid’s room for under $1000


The kid’s room is a multi-purpose sanctuary. It is a place for homework, playing games, reading, daydreaming, collecting toys and inviting friends over.

As you are planning your child’s room, the best way to fulfil all the functions and more is to get flexible and fun furniture. In addition, as kids grow fast, so you want your furniture to last as well. Ultimately your kids would know what they like best, so be sure to ask your kids if they have any preferences!

Collective HairyMerry’s “Niseko” was our choice for the centrepiece for its innocent feel and soft colours. Colour is important to build an environment that your child will feel comfortable in. We recommend painting the walls to your child’s preferred hue, but stick with neutral furniture so they don’t need to be replaced when interests change (you know children can be fickle!)

1. Niseko, Collective HairyMerry, USD240

2. Electron Pendant Lamp (Red or Gold), TheLandofNod, USD69

3. Pantone Focus Shag Rug, Target, USD99

4. Little Sloane Leaning Desk, TheLandofNod, USD149

5. Snille Office Chair, IKEA, USD20

6. Knight storage boxes, FLEXA, USD43

7. FLAXA Bed Frame with Storage, IKEA, USD179

8. Knitted Red Pouf, CB2, USD79

9. Starry Cushion, Piccolo House, US48

Total: USD926

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