Furnishing Around Art: Home Office for under 1000

Whether you have a full time stay-at-home job or are cramming in after-hour duties, a home office is nice to have – a space where the focus should be on relaxation and comfort. A well-decorated workspace has the power to inspire and rejuvenate, turning the most mundane of tasks into bearable and (dare we say) enjoyable experiences! Here are some pointers on how to get a good setup.


1. The Capitol Theatre 6, Philipp Aldrup, USD370

2. Halo Burnished Bronze Two-Light Pendant, Bellacor, USD40

3. Industrial Metal Wall Mounted Bookcase, CB2, USD300

4. ERIK Drawer unit, IKEA, USD10

5. MALM Desk with Pull-out Panel, IKEA, USD150

6. FINGAL Swivel chair, IKEA, USD40

7. Rubber Coated Orange Wastecan, CB2, USD15

8. 16″ Circle Magnet Board, LandofNod, USD25

9. Wall Pockets, CB2, USD10

10. Swing Arm Red One-Light Clamp-On Lamp, Bellacor, USD30

Total: USD990


Storage space is essential for any home office. The idiom “a place for everything and everything in its place” was coined to make life smoother and less stressful. With numerous papers, books and supplies to store, be sure to accommodate it all with shelves, drawers, and cabinets galore. With a well-thought-out storage plan, you’ll have all the space you need.

The best way to store papers is by investing in a nice filing cabinet. We’ve picked out a rolling file cabinet to help with convenience and flexibility. Wall-mounted shelves are an elegant way to store your vast book collection, while drawers with tray organizers keep track of stationery.


Once you have that under control, the next thing on your priority list is ensuring you have plenty of space on your desk. When picking out your desk (or desks, for a large family space), be sure to consider its overall function. If you work from home, pick an oversized, sturdy desk that can contain all your work documents comfortably in one space.


Aesthetics may not seem to matter much when putting together a workspace, but you could really hinder your productivity when you don’t enjoy your office. An overly-decorated, distraction-heavy space can weigh you down, so keep your colour scheme simple but invigorating.

Always remember to add a personal touch to your space with some framed photographs or artworks; we’ve featured Philipp Aldrup’s “Capitol Theatre” for its calm and sentimental feel. For other must-have accessories, like pencil holders and paper trays, try to find bright vibrant patterns to add a touch of color. Keep track of key tasks with a bulletin board or white board; they’re great for reminders and can also be used to hang pictures or drawings


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