Furnishing Around Art: Dining Room Decor under 1000

Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner party or gathering around the table for a weeknight meal, the dining room is where people come together. In celebration of good food and art, we’ve come up with some decorating tips and inspiring pictures of dining rooms outfitted with modern artworks and trinkets.

In order to keep the room fresh and in use, decorate the dining table with piles of books or flowers. In addition, change your china and glassware regularly. It’s always fun to change up your table settings with new pieces that may range from items found at car-boot sales to foreign travel. Don’t be afraid of buying different dining ware items to pair with your other home ware finds.

The key to entertaining at the dining table is that it should encourage conversation. Artworks are always a good talking point, so make sure your walls aren’t empty. Vases and decorative items should be low to limit distractions. The great thing about having a dining room is that you can shut the door on any mess at the end of the night and leave the clearing up until the morning.


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Good light is also essential. Lighting should be subtle and warm. Avoid bright overhead lights, other than chandeliers, as they aren’t well suited to dining spaces. Even chandeliers should be fitted with dimmer switches so remember to experiment with the level of lighting to achieve the perfect balance.

Mirrors are also a great way to maximise light while adding glamour and sparkle when reflecting tabletop silver and glassware.


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Acoustics also play an important role, yet are often neglected. You may cover the walls of dining rooms with fabric, which can be unashamedly luxurious, but also practical. Padded fabric creates a dense, deadening effect so music and voices are enhanced with no reverberation. These are great qualities for a dining or entertaining space.


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Lastly, using extendable tables can cater to parties of all sizes. It prevents an empty looking table when catering for smaller parties; yet offer extra space when squeezing in a few extra guests. Well thought-out storage is also vital for reducing clutter and maximizing space. Spacious cupboards to hold all your china, glassware and linens are an absolute must.


  1. Artworks by Sinta Carolina, USD160
  2. KROBY Pendant Lamp-double, Ikea, USD40
  3. Global Furniture USA Side Chair (Set of 4), Wayfair, USD220
  4. BJURSTA Extendable table, Ikea, USD199
  5. Atlantic Buffet China Cabinet, Amazon, USD158
  6. NORDEN Bench, Ikea, USD79
  7. FERLE Lowpile Rug, Ikea, USD34
  8. Digest Table Runner, CB2, USD60
  9. 3-piece Amigos Vase Set, CB2, USD22

Total: USD972

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