Furnishing Around Art: Balcony & Patio Ideas

Whether you live in an apartment with a tiny balcony or in a home with a compact second-floor outdoor space, a beautiful balcony or patio is the stuff of dreams. Believe it or not, maximizing your space doesn’t have to be tricky. Don’t ever believe that your balcony is too small to enjoy. If everyone with a compact balcony thought that way, the world would be deprived of some amazingly innovative outdoor spaces. We’ve put together a slew of images with clever ideas for you try out on your own. It often all boils down to plants, comfy seating and a solid design.


Green is Good

The key to creating an amazing outdoor space to make it feel like the outdoors, as silly as that may sound! Bring some plants a few stories up from the ground, your balcony will have an element of natural beauty that reinforces the wonder of spending time in nature. Plants bring a sense of color and depth to the space, and they can double up as a form of fencing to add an element of privacy.

The Cosy Corner

Looking for a place of your own where you can virtually unwind in the over arching view of your residential sight. You might wish to consider right fabric for outdoor furniture in your balcony. The materials should be able to withstand the harsh weather at times. If you are looking to liven your balcony, consider having different colors for your cushions to project a fun and vibrant corner for your balcony space. If you’re on a budget, don’t think that good seating options have to be expensive. The bench below is crafted from just plastic storage containers, plywood and reed fencing!

If your patio has a tad more room, you may be able to fit a table and chairs for outdoor dining. In fact, even a small table and chair set can give you plenty of room to enjoy a glass of wine and some tasty nibbles with friends and family on a mild evening. When it comes to the smallest of spaces, you may have to make some crucial choices. Are plants your first love? Do you want a place to sit and enjoy the view, or is dining the deal-breaker? Don’t be afraid to fill the space with the things you love.

Source: Home Edit

Source: Home Edit

Source: Stylisheve

Source: Stylisheve

Designing the Space

We end our post with a reminder that when it comes to outdoor design, thoughtful consideration can go a long way. Take some time to design your space. Plan the layout of features such as seating and plants, and strategically incorporate color to create the vibe you’re after.

Feeling excited? It’s time to re-shape your balcony into a lovely corner for your loved ones! Here’s our attempt at a cosy balcony:


1. Bassalian 1 & Bassalian 2, David Mitchell, USD590 each

2. Lucinda Stacking Chairs (Orange or Grey), CB2, USD80 each

3. Watermark Bistro Table, CB2, USD219

4. KLASEN Serving Cart, IKEA, USD119

5. HYLLIS Shelving Unit, IKEA, USD15

6. Oscar Rail Planters, CB2, USD5 to USD22

7. Teapot XL, Hans Tan, USD1,260

8. ÖSTLIG Plant Pots, IKEA, USD19 each

9. Glass Beverage Dispenser, CB2, USD

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