Eclecti-City VIP Preview

10 June 2016 saw the VIP Preview of Eclecti-City, a collaboration between ART LOFT ASIA and Rendezvous Hotel Singapore. Opening in the evening, the exhibition at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore features an eclectic medley of contemporary, abstract and popular art works reflective of Singapore’s thriving artistic and cultural scene. This exhibition will be on display until the 31st October 2016.

Artists were also presented tokens of appreciation from Rendezvous Hotel Singapore by Ms. Tan, the Area General Manager of Rendezvous and AMOY, and Ms. Tian, co-founder of ART LOFT ASIA. After a catered buffet, guests and artists were given a private tour to view the various artworks on display in the hotel. This was also the perfect time for artists to discuss their latest works, and exchange news.

Located within the vibrant arts scene of Bras Basah – Bugis, Rendezvous Hotel Singapore is the perfect venue for such a modern and exciting exhibition. Featuring Acong S. Dwi Stya, Andy Yang, Dedy Sufriadi, Deusa Blumke, Georgina Gray, Heather Anderson, Honosun, John Lai, KY Huang, Lay Hua Teo, Leo Liu Xuanqi, Nandita Mukand, Paul James, Robi Fathoni, Shin-young Park, Stefanie Hauger, and Sukeshi Sondhi, the artworks on exhibition are fresh, evocative and thought provoking, epitomising the spirit of contemporary artist. A variety of mediums are represented throughout the exhibition, ranging from oil and acrylics to prints, and even an artwork made entirely out of dice. Rendezvous Hotel Singapore is located at 9 Bras Basah Road. Works on the first and second floors of the hotel are open to public viewing from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm daily.

Click the arrow to browse the gallery or check out our Facebook page for more at Art Loft Asia. Photographs courtesy of the Rendezvous Hotel Singapore.

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