Catching up with: Philipp Aldrup

Philipp Aldrup shares with us his inspirations, challenges and his proudest moments.


Philipp Aldrup is a photographer and designer from Germany, based in South-East Asia for almost 10 years. Perceiving mankind’s existence as a brief moment in the vastness of time and space, he seeks places of unsettling beauty; scenes that seem to contain fragments of all dimensions of time: present, past and future.He aims to create visuals that are dramatic and contemplative; sombre but not pessimistic. His works are meditations and a quiet rebellion against a Zeitgeist based on sheer functionality and perfection. “I try to refill our surroundings with disquieting and hopeful dreams without which life would be woefully mind-numbing. A gratifying and foredoomed undertaking.


Heritage Remix #3

Ring of Chaos #3

Heritage Remix #3

Ring of Chaos #3

CATCHING UP WITH: Philipp Aldrup

My proudest moment
…was after I fainted in front of an audience.

Source of inspiration
I am drawn to environments, situations and people, that unobtrusively – secretly – reveal a deeper ground, buried stories, hidden currents. A formation of stones and soil, that might have been a dwelling decades or centuries ago – a person’s disappearing silhouette and the impulse to follow it to an unfamiliar, puzzling place -a twitch on a dreamer’s face that seems to be a ripple of a nearby and far-away world.

The territories of time and the unknowable captivate me – the fact that we didn’t exist before our birth, won’t experience the eras after our death – the inexplicability of our short life within the crazy vastness of space and time.

I am looking for tiny hints that may reveal these secrets while more of them are constantly created.

Describe your studio
My studio is vast.
I enter the rusty front door and walk down a long gloomy corridor, treading on karstic rocks, styrofoam and pieces of crumbling concrete. Red rubber gloves lie scattered in weird poses, surrounded by brown leaves in dry and red. Ancient dust waits in sharp cones of light before me. I cut through it.

I have only explored a few of the countless rooms in my studio so far.Some of them look similar to the corridor. Landscapes of stones and soil, torn plastic and half-buried cloths. Loose rubble.

I glance into a huge hall on my left. Yellow and brown patterns embellish its floor. A bulky pipe runs endlessly across its ceiling and walls like a massive worm. A deep humming pulsates through the space. Something is being processed. The room opposite is low, narrow and filled with red mud shimmering in an eerie light. I follow the soaked footprints on the ground. They end in the blinding light of windows.

I will rest here for a while before moving on.I don’t know my studio very well yet. It is still beautifully new.

Describe your perfect day.
I start walking before the sun rises, when the city is still and the streets are empty.

The air is cool, and the sounds distant and clear. I sneak underneath a bridge, as the first sun-rays flow across the ground. A gentle breeze accompanies them into the stale den.

I explore every corner and every rock. I examine the tracks of an animal, footprints of heavy boots, and places of sleep and feasts. Chaos is before me, and I am trying to make sense of it. My camera is a magnifying glass, a broom, a shovel, a frame, a magnet, a clock, and a camera.

I have all the time in the world. There is no time at all…

Eventually, after a long slumber, the light turns gold and red and winds back over stones and pebbles like a tired, well-fed snake.

I follow in a safe distance.

What is your greatest indulgence? an effortless submersion into my doing, the space around me or the person I am with.
It’s a focused absent-mindedness that enjoys without ego. These moments are rare and precious.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced.
Bringing order to chaos, structure to ideas, making choices within an abundance of possibilities. Deciding to start with ONE when there are HUNDREDS.

(Apart from that – cooking my own food and making my own coffee, when there is a hawker centre right in front of my door.)

I wish
… to live in a place that is not given away to profiteers. Where poetry replaces profits.

I am happy you asked “wish” and not “foresee”.

What colour best represents you?
Blue. It probably doesn’t represent me, but I enjoy being surrounded by blue and all its shades.
It is quiet and wide, deep and calming. Light, mysterious and melancholic.

It comes with a breeze..

Happiness is
… a warm hand.

50 years from now I will be..
I will be part of the rocks and soil that I am photographing now. It is both a disquieting and a comforting thought. It’s sad though that I won’t be able to take photos of them then.

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