Art Loft x OOWA: Announcing our Collaboration with OOWA!

In line with our mission of supporting the growing Singaporean arts scene, we are excited to announce our collaboration with OOWA!

Smartphone cameras have revolutionised photography, making it accessible to the everyday man/average person.  With the rise of Instagram, Flickr and other social media sites, mobile photography has become the norm and bulky cameras and expensive equipment are no longer necessary to take great photos.

Launched in 2016 through a successful kickstarter campaign, OOWA is a Singaporean start-up  and DynaOptics’ first product, designed to bring out the storyteller and photographer in everyone by enhancing the existing capabilities of your smartphone camera.  Their professional high-quality lens attachments are created with their patent-pending free-form technology, minimising lens distortion and ensuring that you get the most out of your smartphone camera with its superior edge-to-edge image quality.  In less than a year, OOWA has attracted a global market, with their lenses being sold and shipped in markets worldwide.

Together, the Art Loft and the OOWA team have curated a beautiful collection of photographs taken by the OOWA Photographers & Content Creators, some of which you may have already seen on their Instagram profiles. With the OOWA collection of photographs as high-quality prints, bringing your favourite photographs home has never been easier.

Concrete Glow by OOWA (Taken by Fanyuan (@squirreldiaries on Instagram))

Concrete Glow by OOWA (Taken by Fanyuan (@squirreldiaries on Instagram))


Night Rider by OOWA (Taken by Ed Wray (@ed_wray on Instagram))

Night Rider by OOWA (Taken by Ed Wray (@ed_wray on Instagram))


Don't Stab Me by OOWA (Taken by Jiwangga (@masjiwa on Instagram))

Don’t Stab Me by OOWA (Taken by Jiwangga (@masjiwa on Instagram))

Scroll down to learn more about the Art Loft x OOWA collaboration from none other than DynaOptics CEO Chan Li Han!


What was the inspiration behind OOWA and why did you decide to sell prints?

Li Han: OOWA was created and founded on the belief that everyone has the power to tell stories.  Since our lenses were launched, many people have shared beautiful images taken with our lenses from all over the world.  We wanted to breathe life into their works and decided that selling prints was a brilliant way to do so.  This venture has also allowed us to meet many fascinating individuals, each with unique experiences to share, and through selling their prints, we wished to share these experiences with a larger audience.

Why did you decide to collaborate?

Li Han: Art Loft has a great team, a fantastic platform and an eye for beauty in each of our photographs.  Above all, they care deeply for the stories that their artists tell.  We felt that their artist-centric emphasis and the efforts taken to reveal the artists and stories behind each photo was a very good fit for our brand and the Art Loft x OOWA collaboration hence made a lot of sense.

What was it like working with the photographers?

Li Han: Above all it was enlivening to know that a product we created empowered people to create their own works of art, making us, well, artists in our own special way as well.  Through the images taken by our photographers, we had the opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes and working with so many new artists gave us a whole range of perspectives.  It was simply amazing to be able to gather a community of people who believe in what we do and to create and share stories together through photography.


OOWA is committed to producing lenses of the highest quality to provide top-notch images simply from your mobile phone, and is simple and convenient to use.  Find out more about OOWA and their product at, and @oowalife on Instagram, and visit their profile at to check out prints from their content creators!


Check out the photography works taken with OOWA lenses on our site!


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