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  • The concepts of time have challenged not only our perceptions of past, present and future, but also portrayed that time is a continuum, measurable, and a linear-moving construct. In Shih Yun Yeo's works, she seeks to present different aspects of time that can be static, multi-dimensional, non-linear and limitless.

    Her abstract works are a combination of both paintings and drawings, alluded to the gestural surface marks of Abstract Expressionism. They feature geometric and organic shapes and lines, composing of layers of ink, acrylic and other mediums. Her paintings/drawings reflect not only the radical conflict between the two "colourless" colours (black and white), but also their interaction and interdependence.

    Shih Yun's works continue to explore the mystic aspects of the drawing process (accidental and impermanent manifestations). Change and transience are important in her creative process. She is fascinated with random occurrences, improvisation, especially utilising inventive and playful tools such as rollerblades, watering pot, trees, toy robots and remote control cars. The liberating qualities of such non-traditional tools allows her to create eccentric forms or spontaneous arrangements without the constraints of a limited visual vocabulary. Her main goal of using these tools is to surrender authorial control, to release drawing from its enslavement to the artist's hand, and in some cases to outsmart her own will and intentions. Ultimately, she aspires to create works of absolute freedom and honesty.

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