• Wittawat Tongkeaw
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  • “Based on postmodern thinking, such metaphysical question is problematic. We are living in the era which the ultimate answer, if there is one, is impossible to be rigidly defined; realities are relative, perceived through each subject’s distorted lenses of ideologies. ”
  • Artist Story
  • Wittawat is an emerging Thai artist, completing both his BFA and MFA in Painting at Silpakorn University, Bangkok. He is highly skilled in hyperrealism and often leaves his audience intrigued and in awe of his work.

    As an artist who probes the metaphysicial question of truth and its representation, Wittawat believes that his search for the answer guides him to unceasingly explore, discover, and cast doubt in order to better understand himself and others. As a painter, his works are a process and expression of his personal journey of seeking the truth.

    There are many thoughts which flow, compete, form our beliefs and drive our actions. Subconsciously,, we are occupied and dominated by them, and his intention is to use these paintings to constantly raise awareness and question.
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  • Thailand

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