• Sunwoo Kim
  • Artist Story
    • 1988. 04. 29
    • Born in Seoul, Korea.

    Sunwoo Kim's interest in human life and freedom is expressed through his works where he seeks real freedom in attempt to solve this mysterious problem. After all, how can humankind restore their dignity and regain their true identity in a tragic situation where all humans are deprived of free will? Believing that this course is a good way to fulfil his responsibility as an artist and express the spirit of times at the same time, Sunwoo invites you to share his journey of freedom-seeking.
  • Location
  • South Korea

Artist CV

Dongguk Univ(Seoul, South Korea). Painting, B.F.A


From the Studio



  • Solo Exhibition
  • 2015
  • Bird World, Sedec art gallery, Korea
  • Abraxas, Scalatium art space, Korea

  • Group Exhibition
  • 2016
  • Changwon Asia art festival, Sungsan art hall, Korea
  • Well come, Spring!, Gallery 291, Korea​

  • 2015
  • Daewoong young artist, Daewoong art space, Korea
  • I'm a unknown artist, Arko art museum, Korea
  • New & Emerging Artist, Lvs Gallery, Korea
  • Gyumjae Tomorrow Artist, Gyumjae jungsun art museum, Korea
  • New Vision, Ha-an community culture center, Korea
  • Please write here, Attray Gallery, Korea
  • Meeting with dreams, Gallery ILHO, Korea
  • YAP Reroad, Gallery ILHO, Korea
  • ILHYUN Travel Grant, ILHYUN museum, Korea
  • Young creative Korea 2015, DDP, Korea

  • 2014
  • Extremely personal survival kit, Gallery Dongguk, Korea
  • Hello Munlae Art Festa '25x25 Art Campaign', Chipori, Korea
  • E-um, beyond the boundaries, Gallery Topic, Korea
  • Space O'new wall May Festa 'Let's hang whatever you can carry', O'new wall, Korea
  • VACANCE IN GALLERY IMAZOO, Gallery Imazoo, Korea
  • Morak morak, Gallery ILHO, Korea
  • Orot art market, Sujin art space, Korea

  • Award
  • 2015
  • 6th Gyumjae Tomorrow Artist Award, Gyumjae Jungsun art museum, Korea
  • Ilhyun Travel Grant Award, ILHYUN museum, Korea
  • Scalatium outstanding artist award, Scalatium artspace, Korea

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