• Suby One
  • “My Work is always related to Time, Time is all i need. I trapped, painted on canvas, the time periods of my life. Sometimes they are bright, auspicious, dark, shaded, but each cycle, there's always the sunny spell, a positive sign. I transcribed the ups and downs, that each of us passing by, throughout his life. No nostalgia, just capture moments. A window overlooking the time. ”
  • Artist Story
  • A self-taught artist, Suby (b.1979) explored graffiti for the first time in Paris in 1992. A member of vandalism crew, he produced most of its parts on the Paris metro trains.

    After using the city as media exposure, Suby went from the street to the gallery, both as a graffiti artist, painter and sculptor. A versatile artist influenced by the New York Colorfield movement of the late '40s, his creations are extremely vibrant and colourful, whilst always keeping an indelible trace of graffiti.

    "The days are the same, only the faces change, streets, trains are our lusts, colors become mixed, flow, drip by weapons and surfaces, shape detaches as stunned passers vulgar in the eyes of the ignorant, but an ecstasy for connoisseurs of this art so powerful ... flashes crackle, dazzling stage I immortalized as the vandal is ephemeral, where her unique beauty, nothing lasts, nothing we belongs as time court.Il is already time, smiles are sketched on the face of my partner crime, our paths diverge, bifurcations are many ."
  • Location
  • Vietnam

Artist CV

Exibition : Build and Destroy // April - July 2014 , Paris 15eme France
Exibition Reborn SubyOne // December2012 – 6 January 2013 à ART Confluences Galerry, Paris 20eme, France

Exposition Collective TRANOÏ Nomad // Carrousel du LOUVRES, 29 June – 2 July 2013, France
Exposition Collective STREET KUBE / VALDAN : 24 April 2013 , KUBE HOTEL Paris, France
Exposition Collective Sculpture // Be My Toys, 16 – 21 Avril 2013, Paris 12eme, France
Auction Artcurial January 2013 // Mise en vente de la 1ere toile de la serie Ocean , Paris
Exposition Collective 3HC History : 6 -29 June 2012 , Espace Liberté Charenton, France


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