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  • Sivilay Souvannasing graduated with the Best Prize accolade from the National Institute of Fine Arts, Vientiane. As a native of the Southern province, Savannakhet, Sivilay grew up in the countryside, surrounded by rice fields and a close-knit community. After relocating to the city and having traveled abroad for shows and artist residencies, he draws upon the stark contrast of his natural environment as sources of inspiration and agitation.

    In his abstraction series, Sivilay explores the notion of rapid change found in modern cities - often perturbed by the speed of urbanisation, loss of tradition, and environmental degeneration.

    Sivilay's works are largely exhibited in Laos and Singapore and have been collected by both private and institutional collectors internationally, including the National Art Gallery (Singapore) and the UNDP office in Vientiane.
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  • Laos, Laos

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