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  • In life, KY Huang was a never a late bloomer. If anything, throughout his life, he was precocious through and through; always ever the upstart- at school, at work and at play. However, when it came to discovering and realizing his creative identity, it took all of 62 summers.

    Born in 1948 in post-war colonial Singapore, KY Huang knew from a young age that art was something special to him. While he had no previous training, he was able to paint and sketch with much flair.

    During his undergrad days, he had the privilege of manning exhibitions of grandmaster Lee Man Fong, when he returned to Singapore in the 1960s after serving as court painter of the Indonesian presidential palace under then President Soekarno, a very prestigious position. Under the renowned artist Lee Man Fong, KY Huang learnt the finer points of art, composition, balance and form and was also taught to have a discerning palate for art. After graduation, KY Huang chose to pursue a corporate career instead of being an artist as being an artiste.

    In 2007, Huang retired from the corporate world in pursuit of his first love. KY opened an art gallery with some friends and mentored many young and promising artists. While many of them had formal art education, KY believed they still lacked the ‘feel, instinct and eye’ to create winning compositions and hoped these young talents would gain valuable lessons from his experience and insights. Huang also conducts a series of workshops for the Singapore People’s Association and put together a successful art competition and exhibition at Chingay 2011.
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  • Singapore

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