• Kim So Young
  • Artist Story
  • Kim So Young was born in Seoul, Korea in 1991. She received a diploma in Fine Art majoring in Western Painting from Nanyang Academic of Fine Art in 2012. Following graduation in 2013, she now holds a BFA (Hon) in Fine Art from Loughborugh University in UK.

    Her research and practice are driven based on the inter-relationship between representation and painting. In her works such as Landscape in motion III and IV, she obliterates the existing image that is initially painted on the canvas. In the process, she creates another mode of representation, and one that incorporates the destruction of its former mode.

    The colour and materiality of paint also play a crucial role in her works and what they represent. ‘Synchronicity of colours’ and ‘Motion of Paint’ are an extension of her life's experience through nature. The process of painting is a highly spontaneous one, in which she embraces chance and subconsciously maintains an order and pattern to the randomness behind the strokes.

    Kim sought to pursue diverse styles and they are reflected in the various methods being used: the movement of paint, the use of complementary colours or gradual colour combinations. Her works are mainly created without the use of brushes, but instead a palette knife, flat wooden board and self-designed panel to apply paint onto the canvas. The applying, overlapping and spreading of colours are a reflection of how she reacts spontaneously.

    Kim’s works have been exhibited in Singapore and Korea. Some selected exhibitions such as ‘The New Nine’(2013), ‘Evropa’(2011) are part of several collectors’ private collections.
  • Location
  • South Korea

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