• KH Yeo
  • Artist Story
  • KH’s journey with photography began when he was given his father’s old 35mm SLR – he experimented with printing his own black and white pieces in the darkroom and continues today in both print and digital mediums.

    He is inspired by humanity’s hunger for meaning and constant interpretation and reinterpretation of all that surrounds us in the search for each of our own truths. Photography is a way for him to push the boundaries on what we interpret as fixed, encouraging the flexibility to revisit our old ways and mental models, so that we can create space to see and experience even deeper and more complex beauty.

    KH currently has two collections that embody this intention: the Manmade World Collection and Natural World Collection.

    He is also inspired by humanity’s deep-seated desire to connect to others yet remain autonomous and the beautiful struggle in resolving the tension between the two. Photography can capture and transmit emotions of either deep intimacy and connection or distance and forlornness – he enjoys eliciting the latter because it creates space for him to connect inwards, to the most powerful connection of all.

    KH’s Reflections Collection embodies this intention.
  • Location
  • Singapore

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