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  • biography I'm both artist as a contemporary & oriental style paintings and poet and writer of philosophy & psychology, published this kind book dated on 2013, 2018 as a name of book midnight blue & chaos, preparing to publish new book, which will be novel. So my art works have each story, add to philosophy, psychology & literature. At present now I'm processing with 3 galleries in USA, 3 galleries in France, 1 in Slovenia, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Japan and 7 galleries in Korea, also lots of my art works were  sponsored to TV dramas of Broadcast. characteristic of works Most literature and art are written by writers or painters, it becomes the subject and gives meaning, but my works produce only half meaning to clients and the other half will be finished by the viewer's eyes and thoughts. Also my works are neither realism nor aestheticism, those are mainly semi-abstraction. My works are standardized on the central theme of the meaning of life and the value of nature, pursue freedom of colors and strokes to escape from the frame, add on philosophy, psychology and spirituality on arts.
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  • South Korea

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Exhibition 2020 Artonique / Canada 2020 No Bull Art / USA 2020 Art Limited / Bordeaux, France 2020 Absolutearts / Ohio, USA 2020 Gallart / Florida, USA 2020 Saatchi Art / USA 2020 Singulart / Paris, France 2020 Artmajeur / Paris, France 2020 Artgallery514 / Slovenia 2020 Tricera / Tokyo, Japan 2020 Seoul gallery / Seoul, Korea (belong to Seoul Newspaper Corp.) 2019 Artarena / Kyounggi do, Korea 2019 Agallery / Seoul, Korea 2018 Gallery Sarang / Kyounggi do, Korea 2018 Artrie / Kyounggi do, Korea 2018 Artnfair / Kyounggi do, Korea 2016 Iaanart / Seoul, Korea Publish 2020 Artgallery514, Slovenia/catalog book, life is... 2018 Kim So Hyon(Karis Kim)- Choas/Philosophy, psychology and abstract paintings 2013 Kim So Hyon(Karis Kim)- Midnight Blue/poetry and photograph Others 2019 SBS "Secret Mother" / Korea Broadcast TV drama sponsored art works - Seoul, Korea 2019 tvN "Myeong Bul Her Jern" / Korea Broadcast TV drama sponsored art works - Seoul, Korea 2018 tvN "Nam Ja Chin Gu" / Korea Broadcast TV drama sponsored art works - Seoul, Korea


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