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  • We are constantly exposed to visual media, they surround us, as ubiquitous as the air; and for this reason, Jueun Lee presents another side of these objects; and is filled with a sense of wonder that an everyday object can convey such richness and meaning. All things have been touched by someone’s hand. Some may be touched by a delicate hand and some may have gone through rough hands. Some give an impression that they have been handled by a person with pride and some by a cautious or modest person. The simple daily materials connect us to everyday, bringing an understanding of the world you are in.

    The novel ‘Gulliver`s Travels’, serves as a great inspiration for Lee. Gulliver, the quintessential traveller, experiences new and wildly different people and landscapes that have shaped his perceptions. As we follow his travels, we realise that our own ideas of an image cannot remain the same. We, like Gulliver, have been exposed to ‘Lilliput’ and ‘Brobdingnag’ and we are shaped by that. In ‘Brobdingnag’ the familiar cute cats and dogs are transformed into the most dangerous of animals and Gulliver becomes like a toy in their game. In ‘Lilliput’, Gulliver is cast as a giant among tiny men. He looks down on them disdainfully; their petty doings are beneath his interest. Whether Lord or servant, it is all the same to him. We take the journey with him and our values are called in to question by each new experience. We see a scientist, who has made a shard of limestone very smooth to use it as a needle holder; we learn about an unfamiliar world that has different views and understanding concerning an event or an object. We discover that the ordinary and the familiar can be interpreted differently through different people’s perceptions.

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