• Huifong Ng
  • “Painting has since been my sanctuary in finding calmness and overwhelming happiness. I feel the essence of emotions, the soul of sentiments and the unspoken stories of life. When I see, feel and paint with my heart, the characters from my imagination come to life. In return, the pleasure is enchanting. With each brushstroke, memories are made magical.”
  • Artist Story
  • Huifong Ng is an intuitive pencil and oil artist based in Brunei. Inspired by the people she has met during her travels, Huifong weaves stories and emotions into her paintings.

    Sketching has always been Huifong's innate passion but it wasn't until a major crisis in life that it became her sole driving force to rediscover life's purpose.

    Not many women have experienced consecutive miscarriages; and unfortunately, Huifong had experienced three in just 2 years. Fittingly, depression and a maelstrom of emotional turmoil followed soon after. While she lost her last baby, Huifong began to lose her will to live. She wrestled with pain and kissed death narrowly when she was rushed to the hospital a day after her incessant bleeding. One recurring thought kept circling Huifong while on her way to the hospital, "I do not wish to be remembered by the way I died but by the way I have lived. If I have one life, I will take my chance to opt for change."

    When Huifong chanced upon her portfolio of old sketches, she knew right away that she wanted her talent in drawing to serve as her life’s new purpose. New York became her new home to learn painting; the newfound peace, serenity and joy embraced Huifong daily as she learned to manage her emotions and channelled her energy to capturing stories on canvas.

  • Location
  • Brunei

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