• Huang Kun Xiong
  • Artist Story
  • In the technology driven world of today, the mechanic and repetitive nature of everyday proceedings has led to a creation of a restless and materialistic society.

    Flashing neon lights, deafening white noise, and the never ending rush overload our senses and we quickly become desensitised to the world around us. Part and parcel of a fast-paced urban lifestyle - a desperate rat race with no finish line. This rapid development has left many feeling breathless, unable to stop to take a breather for the fear of being left behind in the struggle for success.

    Swept up in the storm that is globalisation, many countries have undergone drastic changes within the past decade. Gone are the meadows, mudflats, rainforests; which are quickly replaced with skyscraper after skyscraper. Hong Kong is an example of a country ridden with overpopulation, high density buildings, totalling 6588 high-rise buildings that are uncannily similar.

    Huang is cynical towards the idea of such a model of development. Instead of bridging gaps and bringing people closer, it is only widening the gap between societal classes and believes that the repetitiveness of the architecture has resulted in a sense of detachment.Through the use of superimposing various layers, he has created a three-dimensional portrayal of Hong Kong’s notoriously high-density residential estates.
  • Location
  • China

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