• Hidenori Ishii
  • “I believe painting is where actuality and possibility meet with one’s intention. As a landfill utilizes the progresses of nature over a long period of time, I’m interested in the visual and symbolic dialogue of between man’s intention and nature’s inevitabilities.”
  • Artist Story
  • It was Ishii’s love of Dutch paintings that led him to quit his studies and enrol in art college. Since he took up a brush, he has been exploring the possibilities of integrating psychological and environmental systems into self-contained worlds, where his paintings are a juxtaposition of artificial and natural patterns; always transforming, moving, energetic, destructive all at the same time.

    In 2002, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from George Mason University, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2004, where he studied with Grace Hartigan, a first generation female Abstract Expressionist & Dominique Nahas, an independent curator and critic based in NY. Ishii has also been working as a print/textile designer for a reputable fashion company in NYC alongside his career as an artist.

  • Location
  • Yonezawa, Japan

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