• Gloria Keh
  • ““Anyone who breaks the rules can make a great painting.” – Hans Hofmann”
  • Artist Story
  • Born in the year of the Dragon, more than six decades ago, Gloria is 64. Her late father, Martin Fu, was an artist. Although he never achieved famed, and died poor, he enjoyed many rich experiences from his paintings. Unable to support the family as a full-time artist, he worked in an advertising agency in the art/graphic department. To subsidise her allowance in primary school, which was then called “cake money”, Gloria began peddling little artworks drawn on cheap paper and selling these to her father’s office colleagues. Being artists themselves, they appreciated her endeavours, and commented they liked the way she “played” with colours. Hence, each month, she was able to sell a few artworks at $3 a pop, a princely sum for a little girl in the 60s. But as Gloria grew up, art had to be put on the back burner, as she worked in other jobs for years. A home had to be set up, things had to be bought, bills had to be paid, and priorities changed. It was only in 1996, when she began serious study of mandala art and symbolism in Melbourne, Australia. This took place over a span of 10 years. From then on, it was just art, art, and more art. Since then, Gloria has facilitated workshops in both Melbourne and Singapore on mandala art, and has also undertaken a short study course in art therapy. In 2008, Gloria began an art-based charity project, Circles of Love, using art to raise funds for charities. This then led to the creation of 1000 Smiles – Art in the Service in 2012. As she ages and enjoy more solitude, Gloria continues to paint and find inner peace and healing in art. She truly believes art to be a beautiful form of meditation.
  • Location
  • Singapore

Artist CV


From the Studio



  • Mommy Daddy – Art for the Love of Parents. May 2013, Gallery of Gnani Arts, Singapore
  • Power Symbol – Symbols of Empowerment in Contemporary Art. August 2013 at ION Art Gallery, Singapore.
  • Art Expo Malaysia. September 2013.. Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The Global Icon: Ganesha in Fine Art. May 2014. ION Art Gallery, Singapore.
  • The Enlightened One. Images of Gautama Buddha in Contemporary Art. May 2015. ION Art Gallery, Singapore.


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