• Chu Mirim
  • “I took my inspiration from the Internet and social media. In particular, I looked into the relationships between human-to-human as well as human-to-Internet. My current showcase is a reflection of these relationships. ”
  • Artist Story
  • Korean-born Chu Mirim began her artistic career as a visual designer in 2002, spending 5 years painstakingly designing icons for mobile phones and instant messengers. She subsequently graduated in fine art at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles, France in 2008.

    Mirim has had a fascination with the dissonance found in the virtual realm and physical reality. She is inspired and perturbed by the digital revolution, where someone can inhabit an artificially simulated environment as naturally as he occupies our physical environment- seeking pleasure, humour and venting sorrow and anger. It is a space laden with profound emotion and yet the line between reality and fiction is often blurred. Her work captures this constant oscillation between the abundant, whimsical, anything-goes world wide web and the emptiness and isolation she feels in reality.

    Mirim has also collaborated with GAP, UNIQLO, Converse and other brands to bring her fun and culturally relevant ideas to life.
  • Location
  • Seoul, South Korea

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