• Bridget Davis
  • Artist Story
  • Bridget has a love painting elegant women, in beautiful clothes, in glamorous settings. Inspired by the feel of fashion from the past rather than fashion per se, she deems the Forties and Fifties as having a classic, ageless beauty expressed by fashions of the time.

    Influenced enormously by the elegant and beautiful fashion drawings by illustrators of this period, as well as contemporary fashion artists and illustrators working today, Bridget loves the playful, flirty and romantic storytelling in the work of illustrators such as Rene Gruau and Andre­ Edouard Marty to name a few.

    She is currently playing with the idea that a piece of work can, at first, look like a successful abstract and then slowly it becomes clear that it is a fashion painting. With almost every piece of work she produces, Bridget deems it as "dealing with the unknown" and "lucky accidents" are part of a process toward more exciting interpretations and then conclusions.
  • Location
  • London, United Kingdom

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