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  • Benny Goerlach AKA "Beng" is an Australian born artist residing in Singapore. A full time creative professional who studied originally at the SAE in Sydney, Beng has been working in Visual effects for film and television for the past 11 years with a full time focus on Computer Animation.

    Surrounded by inspiration from everyday life and media, and spurred on by the wit and rebellion of artists like Banksy , Blek le rat and D-Face, Beng began experimenting with images of Irony, juxtaposition, contradiction and cynicism, using his prints as a voice to bring awareness to cultural, religious and political matters.

    Looking for new challenges in 2009 Beng began exploring print making as an alternative creative outlet. With no training or experience in print making Beng began exploring ways to bring together the craft of print making with his vast knowledge of creative software. Being based in Singapore creates its own unique challenges, a country where in very recent times, outspoken artists have been prosecuted for for what they believe is art. These subject matters need to be approached intelligently, as the wrong delivery can leave an artist treading very closely to what Singapore laws considers "promoting dissension", a broad and ambiguous law but one punishable by Jail time. Beng has adapted his approach to controversial topics by Implying rather than telling, suggesting rather than showing, cleverly disguising his intent while at the same time clearly expressing his opinion.
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  • Singapore

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