Zin and Zen

For Charity Zin and Zen

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Zin and Zen | 7 years old | Female | Singapore Special

Zin (male) and Zen (female) are exceptionally shy and timid siblings.

The authorities captured them when they were three months old, it must have been a very traumatizing experience for them as they have great fear of humans.
The two often retreat quickly upon the sight of unfamiliar faces and it is believed that their timid nature is attributable to previous abuse.

As a result of the brutal way they were captured, Zin and Zen (till now) never warmed up to anyone. As a consequence, they are not available for adoption.

You can still help rehabilitate them by donating a small amount of $35 per month to ASD.

Watercolor & Gouache on Paper

  • Size: W 40.4 cm x H 50.8 cm
  • Medium: Painting
  • Medium: Mixed Media


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Zin and Zen