Window of perception

Window of perception

Rooma Panchmatia

This Artwork is currently not available for rent, but should you be interested to rent this piece, let us know and we'll try to make it work!

In this painting I have used this very colorful, beautiful window as a symbol of our perceptions of the world, what we see and what we miss, what we let in and what we choose to draw the curtains on. Windows remind us that there is an inner and an outer world, and how we see things depends very much on where we stand.

This painting is done entirely with finger and no use of brush at all.

It is inspired by a gorgeous photograph by Aparna Balasubramanian.

In her own words.........
"The window is a part of an old house in Mapusa (Goa, India). The colors in the stained glass window is typical of what is seen in some of the older Goan houses and the blue paint is a very typical color in Indo-Portuguese catholic houses.
The rest of the color on the wall was nature's art work thanks to the monsoons, mostly moss and some seepage."

  • Size: W 61.0 cm x H 91.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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Window of perception