Unfurling the Goddess

Unfurling the Goddess

Mia Farizza

There is this huge wanting for human beings to attain a balance of harmony between The Mind and The Heart. In so doing, we believe we will finally understand Life and achieve Serenity.

I grew up being very much aware of my femininity and the special powers women hold in the world. The general view that femininity and masculinity is disparate instead of being parts to a whole circle has always troubled me since I was young. I can’t see the borders and separation, only the continuous undulating landscape.

With this idea, I produce works that can and has been described as ultra feminine but yet at the same time has a sense of strength, power and ferocity usually linked to masculine natures.

I wanted to expand these thoughts into exploring visually how mental states in the mind and heart feels like especially in ones that are striving to achieve balance and unity. The Ancients believed that the number three is active and stronger than two. I imagine a stool with three legs being more stable to sit on than a stool with two legs. I then realize that there is a void in the link for unity between the mind and heart. There is another one missing from the three-leg stool chain.

People have always stored emotion in their tummy. Just study any expression or word history. The stomach and for women by extension; the Womb is a place of origination and the seat of creativity.
I wanted to “see” what I feel in these three areas that makes up an integral part of my spirituality. Will it eventually mirror each other once united harmony is reached? Will it compliment? Will the colours clash or harmonise? Fade and recede into one another?

My attempt records the womb in “My Flowering Womb”, the mind in "The Jungle Inside” and “Unfurling the Goddess” paints a snapshot of my heart in the past weeks.

What was interesting was that recording the feeling of the mind is the hardest (maybe because emotions do not live in the mind) and painting what was in my heart was the most joyful for me. (But of course!)

Art is an exploration of the Self. The Self being the Me that I am trying to understand.

Acrylic on canvas
This work comes ready to hang.

  • Size: W 98.0 cm x H 150.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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Unfurling the Goddess