This is not an apple

This is not an apple

Vinay Thakur

This Artwork is currently not available for rent, but should you be interested to rent this piece, let us know and we'll try to make it work!

Why? Because this is just an image of what appears to be an apple. For that matter, what you are looking at is an image of an image I created of images I saw. A word is not a thing, a thing is what it is in its original state. The quandary is what we see around us have a lot of depiction of reality. Cakes with icing made depicting flowers, artificial plant kept in your living room, and then those parks where you think it's a wooden fence, only to touch and feel it is a well crafted cemented fence which looks exactly like a wooden fence. Similarly, there are a lot of things conveniently welcomed in our lives which are nothing but adulterated reality.

Not that it is bad or I am a critic of art aesthetics in our lives but just putting forward how things are around us. But the question would remain, how far are we going, how would we know reality vs. depiction? What if we are already in a state of things where we don't know original attributes of things around us?

Note: Painting will be framed in a wooden frame with glass - 33 x 40cm.

Mixed Media

  • Size: W 33.0 cm x H 40.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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This is not an apple