The Sensual Mind

The Sensual Mind

Mia Farizza

When I started work on this collection, I’ve just recovered from a major surgery. I missed painting so much because I had to rest for about 8 months to a year. By the time I could start painting again, I was delirious with joy and anticipation.

The vibrant colour scheme was in part, inspired by the magical island of Langkawi where I spend some of my time recuperating. I also spend a lot of time being in nature which is why some parts of the collection is slightly darker and filled with forest-like ferns such as "The Sensual Mind"

“Splendour Island and Forest Fern” contains the element of well-being and freedom that came from this period of forced rest. I was forced to sit back and remember why I quit my full-time job to paint and be an artist. It brought me back to where I first started. I wanted to paint because I love to create. I wanted to live a creative life and I realised that I would rather pour all of my heart and soul into painting than do anything else.

This collection reflects my new found sense of balance and alignment with a joy filled life. I wanted to produce a collection that will inspire and most of all, “infect” everyone with happiness.

Acrylic on canvas
This work will come rolled.

  • Size: W 140.0 cm x H 100.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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The Sensual Mind