The Purifying Flakes

I'm currently being rented out. If you are interested to buy me, let me know!

The Purifying Flakes

Carrie Chen Cuifen

My paintings are diaries that capture my thoughts, emotions and growth that are beyond words.

This work will come in a box.

  • Size: W 119.0 cm x H 152.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting
  • Rental Available
  • Currently only available in Singapore. Shipping is free both ways.
  • Rental Price: 37 USD/ 30 days
  • Minimum rental period: 90 days
  • Maximum rental period: 180 days
  • Rental payments are shared directly with the artist.
  • 50% of every rental payment is a credit towards purchasing
  • If you decide to purchase the work within 28 days after you've rented it, 100% of your first rental payment is a credit towards the purchase price.


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The Purifying Flakes