The Magic Bird #07 by Malavika PC

The Magic Bird #07


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The Magic Bird features original collages made with carefully selected and hand textured paper, for the children’s picture book of the same title written by Ken Spillman. Always looking to acquire new skill sets and sharpening existing ones through her artistic practice, she says, “Collage was the perfect technique to explore this book with because it is similar to the Bird ripping, tearing, and setting down scraps of paper over paper towards a larger and ever-growing idea.” Her works therefore are layered with paper mindfully and intricately organised to give depth, geometry, distance/flight and is rooted in very organic and hand written typography so as to appear gentle and uplifting.

“I find there is a core yearning in us,” says Malavika, “to learn, grasp and respond to the occurrences outside of us in meaningful ways. Cultivating a vocabulary towards expressing oneself honestly takes time. I find children’s books acknowledge this time taken and lay out gentle options for children to reflect on—to grow into themselves at their own pace."

Paper, Inks & Adhesive

  • Size: W 30.0 cm x H 30.0 cm

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The Magic Bird #07 by Malavika PC