Passion 8

Passion 8

Andy Yang

Using an array of musical instruments, Andy composes a piece of music for each artwork he has in mind. Each brush stroke that he transfers onto the canvas is a reaction of his emotion to the pieces of music created.

Acrylic on canvas

This work will come in a box.

  • Size: W 140.0 cm x H 100.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting
  • Rental Available
  • Currently only available in Singapore. Shipping is free both ways.
  • Rental Price: 170 USD/ 30 days
  • Minimum rental period: 90 days
  • Maximum rental period: 360 days
  • Rental payments are shared directly with the artist.
  • 50% of every rental payment is a credit towards purchasing
  • If you decide to purchase the work within 28 days after you've rented it, 100% of your first rental payment is a credit towards the purchase price.



4,250 USD

Euphoria 5

4,250 USD

Passion 6

4,250 USD


4,250 USD

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Passion 8