On the dessert

On the dessert

Sunwoo Kim

On the dessert, 116.7x91cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014

We who live in the modern society believe that we can live a free life. However, can we actually live free life? My works start from this question.

Society sets a standard and leads people to live that way. Mass media defines ‘the best thing’ and almost force us to follow. Each one of people are individualised and become depersonalised in this current situation.

I was trying to compare people in this modern people to ‘Bird Man.’ A bird that is able to fly anywhere is used as symbol of freedom. However, the birds in my works are locked down in the human bodies and their clothes without wings. Unlike normal birds, the Bird Men lose free will and step foot on the ground.

Friedrich Nietzsche said that God is dead. Why did he kill God? What he meant was that he killed God who made human unable to notice their own deeds and value. And then he mentioned about Ubermensch (aka. Superman). Ubermensch should have appearance of modern people and resist against customary thoughts. Nietzsche supported this form of life.

However, how can human restore their dignity and regain their true identity in this tragic situation that all human deprived free will.

I will seek real freedom by my works to solve this mysterious problem. Also I do believe that this course is a good way to fulfil my responsibility as an artist and express the spirit of times at the same time.

  • Size: W 116.7 cm x H 91.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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On the dessert