Nude Woman Charcoal Study 43

Nude Woman Charcoal Study 43

Ashvin Harrison

My latest realism nude is again a focus on the beauty of feminine forms; balance of positive and negative life. This time I've gone with a beautiful large paper for smoother and darker results. I use high contrast in my works to visually and emotionally explain my thoughts on existence. This again is my representation of the simplicity in the beauty of being content with one's self- expressing in a somewhat surreal statuesque representation as I often isolate a section of the body in the drawing. I use a unique made up technique of brushing charcoal delicately with custom brushes to achieve this effect.

All my nude pieces are based off personal life models who pose for me.

Our skin tells the story of our journey in life and should be celebrated.

  • Size: W 70.0 cm x H 100.0 cm
  • Medium: Drawing


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Nude Woman Charcoal Study 43