Mia Farizza

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The vehicle for expression of feelings can be anything from poetry, music and art. In my case, I have a special attraction for colours and design. In my work, my feelings transforms itself into natural structures and forms and the colours gives away the secret nature of the emotions.

I’ve always been drawn to the spontaneous. Whether in art or life. You can see this expressed in my work through my interest in the organic form and the fluid nature of my movement. I maintain control only to a certain extent because that’s the only way I can study the uncontrollable movement of paint and water on canvas which mimics the natural world.

I am intrigued by the design (or non-design) of chaos and apparent randomness that seems to pervade Nature. Yet studies into Nature and the Universe show a certain natural order to everything that exists.

In my work, chaos and randomness is key to producing works of art that holds layers of meaning through spontaneous composition, apparent forethought and fluid movement.

In chaos lies the magic.

  • Size: W 30.0 cm x H 80.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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