Ashvin Harrison

This art piece is a response to my recent frustration in being blocked on social media for my nude art pieces looking too realistic. I'm fascinated in Australian history, philosophy and politics, this lead me to a mixed combination in how I'd express my frustration in how media allows violence and weapons to be shown, though blocks nudity. I have since been unblocked on my social media accounts, though still find it strange that I have to blur a painting with a nipple as apposed to the freedom of showing art with violence, murder or destruction without issue. I guess I have a different way of seeing things, but I'll continue to push my perspective through nude art pieces and expressive focus points.
I must say, I'm absolutely stoked with the outcome of this piece as a political focus and artistic creation. I think this piece is sure to spark conversation and debate at your next gathering!
Colour and charcoal sealed, ready to hang. Shipped with care.

  • Size: W 62.0 cm x H 91.0 cm
  • Medium: Drawing

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