Frog pond

Frog pond

Aasiri Wickremage

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A landscape painting of an english garden during summer time. This was painted recalling a memory as I do normally, rather than directly painting in front of the scenery or by looking at a picture. This enables me to create the ambience and character of the place, rather than recreating the scenery in terms of a paint medium. In this case, it has included the details that stood out in the landscape and has allowed the painting to develop its personality while allowing the viewer to recreate their own story.

One of a kind painting. I do not make copies of my work.
My works always revolve around positive energy and feelings, as i believe that where the painting will be hanging will emit these positive energy.

  • Size: W 5050.0 cm x H 50.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting

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Frog pond