Fabulous Flowra1

Fabulous Flowra1

Mia Farizza

The past and the future is fused together just like the vehicle for inspiration and expression of the self is forever intertwined through mediums like poetry, music, art and film. This mutual inspiring and expressing of the creative self holds the key to the future.

Fabulous Flowra1 is the first of my series on the abstraction of flowers. I wanted to expand on the idea of growth, the strength needed for survival and also the delicate nature and beauty of life. Flowers, metaphorically represent all of that.

Potentiality, Growth, Strength, Beauty, Hope & Death. To meditate on the life of a flower is to meditate on life.

The play on the word Floral and Flowra is double layered. It intends to symbolise an abstraction of flowers but also at the same time it represents the technique I use which requires a great deal of “flow” from the movement of my hands and body, air and inspiration to keep the work looking fluid and natural.

Acrylic on canvas
This artwork will come rolled

  • Size: W 100.0 cm x H 140.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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Fabulous Flowra1