Burn Your Old Stories to the Ground 1

Burn Your Old Stories to the Ground 1

Nandita Mukand

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Witnessing the black charred earth left behind by the bush fires of the Blue Mountains in Australia left a profound impact on me. Entire forests were razed to the ground, yet, within a week, green shoots sprouted from the same ground.

This work is the first in a series of three that reflects upon the wilderness of thoughts within our minds that keeps us from forging our way ahead. The work deals with confronting the beliefs that don't serve us, to become aware and let go of the stories we tell ourselves that stop us from achieving our fullest potential. Acknowledging these thought patterns and relinquishing them can yield enormous resources for growth.

The three parts of the series deal with themes like the potential of seeding a new thought, allowing for new potential to blossom and the possibility of flourishing abundance even within a ravaged world.

  • Size: W 122.0 cm x H 92.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting


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Burn Your Old Stories to the Ground 1