Bodhi Leaf - Emerge

Heather Anderson

Heather's most recent work- the Bodhi Leaf collection - was born of her focus on both Spiritual icons and a fascination with the field of quantum physics.

Inspired by a combination of study in the area of Hindi icons and her personal connection with nature, combined with a growing understanding of the universal connection between all things, Heather created the Bodhi Leaf collection that shows both the physical and emotional expansion of the Bodhi leaf as it journeys through the experience of dance and becomes whole in the process.

As you gaze at her works, Heather would like to leave you with these words, “There is a Bodhi tree right outside the Rendezvous Hotel. If you stand beneath it you will find an array of gifts at your feet - Bodhi leaves.

In Hindu culture the Bodhi leaf is believed to be powerful and able to protect you and bring your desires to life. Pick one up and give your thanks to the Bodhi Tree for sharing its dance with us all.”

Mixed media with gold leaf on canvas

  • Size: W 59.0 cm x H 84.0 cm


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