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Billy | 3 years old | Female | Singapore Special

Billy (Yes, we are also puzzled with her name...) was a stray who lived with her pack on Bricklane Road. She was found with one of her eyeballs loosened and hanging out of her eye socket.

The vet suspected her injury was a result from a violent kick to her snout and / or torso.

ASD was able to rescue Billy and have the vet treat her immediately by pushing the eyeball back into the socket and stitching it up. Unfortunately due to chronic infections to the eye, the vet eventually had it removed.

Sweet, friendly, and with a gentle temperament, Billy was lucky to be fostered by an ASD Volunteer (Jeanine) who eventually adopted her into the family.

Today, Billy is living in Hong Kong (Jeanine recently relocated there) with three other dogs under the same roof.

Watercolor & Gouache on Paper

  • Size: W 40.4 cm x H 50.8 cm
  • Medium: Painting
  • Medium: Mixed Media


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