Ashes in the snow

Ashes in the snow

Hidenori Ishii

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The image of man-made icebergs started to appear in the group of current work after I had spent three weeks in Iceland in 2005. I was fascinated by the unexpected forms and the rawness of nature with the land being well preserved quite primitively, yet their ecological system was very advanced and sustainable with the use of energies such as geothermal energy and hydrogen fuel. These man-made icebergs are projected structures of the community floating in the water, containing the ecological system that could serve human needs, as a response /simulation to possible global climate catastrophe. However, as the global financial crisis hit in 2007, many financial institutions worldwide were in the threat of total collapse. That’s when the images of my icebergs started deforming and collapsing, representative of how the utopian hope in icebergs shatter like pixels on screen.

Acrylic on polyflex canvas over panel

  • Size: W 31.0 cm x H 31.0 cm
  • Medium: Painting

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Ashes in the snow